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Portable and Modular Power Generation

HVAC Manufacturing Applications with PCM's

Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment with PCM's

HVAC Commercial Retrofit Applications with PCM's

Water Heating Manufacturing with PCM's

Boiler & Chiller Manufacturing with PCM's

New Construction and Building Retrofit Specification with PCM's

Refrigeration and Cold Storage with PCM's

Refrigerated Transport with PCM's

Precise Irrigation for Water Conservation

Water Conservation Through Precision Monitoring

Advanced Mobile Water Reclamation and Purification

Mobile Hazardous Waste Water Remediation

Ultra-Pure Diesel Fuel Recycling, Processing & Distribution

Polymer-Based Paving Solutions

BioMass Power Plants

Thermoelectric Paint Coverings

LED Lighting Technologies

Energy Management Systems

Hydro-Peroxide based IAQ Systems

NOTE:  PCM's stands for Phase Change Materials (Thermal Storage)

Global Distributor

Representing some of the most internationally respected "green" manufacturers and their products globally.

Green World Technology Group, LLC takes great pride in researching the newest, most innovative technologies and projects that can reduce energy costs, recycle waste, monitor and control utility usage, and help reduce your company's carbon footprint to meet and exceed federal regulations.

We have assembled some of the most innovative manufactures and products in the industry.  It is our goal to become your one-stop-shop for all of your Green Energy needs.


Our Manufacturing Partners

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Phase Change  Energy Solutions


Thermal Storage Solutions

Advanced Mobile Filtration Services

Water Reclamation and Purification


Water Conservation

Godman Group 

Distributed Power Generation

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else is going to save it."  - Robert Swan

“Working with Green World to design, manufacture, test and distribute revolutionary, high efficiency HVAC equipment has been an absolute pleasure and quite an education.”

 - Lisa Ambrose

          CEO,  Skil-aire

“I've been working with Green World on several projects including BioMass Power Plants, Biodegradable roads, mobile power generation and ultrapure fuel imports in the Philippines.  They're like a one-stop shop for all of our needs.”

- Jonathan Murillo

       Principal, PMX Corp.

“I'm very much looking forward to continuing to work with Green World on integrating thermal storage into our Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment and projects.  It's another great leap forward for the industry”

- Chuck Gates

        CEO, RenewAire

Are you looking for distribution channels and financing options for your Green Products or Services?




Green World Technology Group is always on the lookout for great, new and innovative green products to represent to the global market.

If your company manufactures or distributes renewable or sustainable energy products and services, we want to hear from you.   Our global sales force can expand your reach and share of market in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

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Did you know that many green projects do not need any CapEx or need to be budgeted months or even years in advance to get started?

Green World Technology Group, LLC realized that a major problem with making the world greener is the cost involved to implement new systems and technologies.

Subsequently, Green World has secured Commercial Financing to make sure your projects get underway in a timely manner.  This way your business can begin to enjoy monthly utility savings right away.

Click HERE to learn more about how Green World Financing can get your projects up and going quickly and then the savings will pay for project's monthly payments over time.